Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shortcuts, Cheats, Whatever you wanna call them (and Day Nine)

This dieting stuff is for the birds. (And I guess I haven't technically dieted since I've still been basically eating like normal, with the exception of not having sweets and cutting back on the fried food). I'm ready to try pills, smoothie/drink meal supplements, weight loss patches, ANYTHING!

I'm really curious about those Slim Shots (lil things that look like individual cups of cream for coffee). It supposedly suppresses cravings so you eat less. I could really use those, assuming they work. And since it ain't much to drink, it shouldn't be too hard to swallow.

I also wanna try Slim Quick (the stuff that's supposed to be specifically for women). I gotta look at the price on that stuff.

The one thing that I've been wanting to try for a while is Alli, but I can't see myself coughing up almost $50 for something I'm not sure works...

I did okay on my diet today, I guess. Skipped breakfast (okay, that was bad). Turkey sandwich for lunch, breakfast (bacon, egg, cream of wheat, croissant) for dinner.

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