What's there to know? I am a proud purveyor of randomness, as illustrated by this little blog.
I guess you could say I'm a study in contradictions. I'm a reticent logophile; meaning I'm a lover of words but I'm pretty quiet (unless you get me riled up). I'm an anti-social sorority girl (LOL), a recent grad wondering what to do with this MBA, and a quarterlifer who's trying to get this whole crisis thing out of the way before I'm someone's Mrs. and mother. 

I'm a woman of many passions, dreams and ambitions. I may not know the best path to pursue them all right now, but please believe I am learning. One day soon you'll look up to see that the world is mine! Okay, maybe not "mine" per se, but you'll at least be able to see that I've made an impact for the better.

I'm multi-faceted and always evolving (not just superficial change, but steadily discovering, refining and redefining who I am). You'd be crazy to try to limit or define me. Hell, people who've known me all of my life can't even do that. But the one thing that doesn't change is my honesty (brutal or tactful, however I have to give it). I love to debate and discuss, so feel free to comment about anything you like or dislike!

-Tori D.

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