Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quarter Life Crisis

I think I'm smack in the middle of one.
It's not fun.
It's really rather sucky.
Highs and lows.
(Hell, I hope it's a QLC & not a sign that I'm bi-polar or something & really more messed up in the head than I realized.)
I need help. And I know saying that here probably doesn't mean a thing (because I know no one really reads it) but I'm still saying it here.
The point of this post?
Nothing really.
Unless you wanna consider it a cry for help, maybe?
Anyway, don't like it?
There is a big brown ass to kiss on your way out.

Thank you for your time.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Upgrade (Tori D., 2.0)

Lately I've been thinking that it's time to make some changes. Although I'm looking into some major changes (trying to get a new job, possibly move to a new city), some small changes need to be made as well. I know I could survive without them; it's possible that I could push it out of my mind and still be successful. But I don't know if I could be happy being stagnant. No, scratch that; I know I can't be happy without growth. I want to tap into the real Tori D., the Tori D. that comes out when no one else is around. When I'm not stressing about work or school. The Tori D. that I would be all the time if I could be. And why can't I be?

Anyway, I feel like I'm starting to ramble, so let me get back on track.

There are three main areas that I want to focus on:
The physical
The mental
The spiritual/emotional

While I will not go into details here about what I plan to start doing (or start doing more/better), I do have some definite things in mind that I have already begun and will begin ASAP. I will say one thing: I definitely have to tap into my creative side more. I feel almost suppressed and I think that is the release I need. Poetry, music, painting, I want to do it all!

Anyhoo, I'm excited about the growth that is currently and will soon take place in my life. I feel that change (for the better) is necessary, and I'm ready to embrace it, then grow and learn from it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Acting on faith or Acting prematurely?

For a while, I have tried to figure out the difference, or whether there is a difference, between the two. I know what faith is (Webster's definition: "confidence or trust in a person or thing; belief that is not based on proof." Biblical definition: "substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.") and although I do struggle with it from time to time, I do *think* I have faith in most situations. And in having faith, I try to act on it.

Case in point: I've applied for yet another job, this time in Jackson. Looking at the qualifications and job description, I know I can do this job. I truly believe this is the job for me for right now, and I have faith that I will get this job. (I have that pit of my stomach, gut-feeling that I've gotten for just about every job I've actually gotten.) So, since I believe I am claiming it as MY JOB, I've already set up a budget & my plan for paying off bills. I've determined how much longer I will stay with my folks and have started looking at apartments I could afford on my own. I've started researching the different departments and people I will have to interact with and picking out new little office items I'd like to have when I move. I've started cleaning a few things out and off of my desk, filing some things away, showing others where things are and how to do certain things that I do.

However, today I stopped and asked myself: Am I acting on faith? Or am I merely getting overly excited and "counting my chickens before they hatch" as the old saying goes? I want to believe that I am being led to do all of this because I won't be at this current job much longer, but will be at a new agency instead. But how do I know whether I'm jumping the gun?

I would hate to think that I'm setting myself up for failure, but it is a possibility. How many times do we set ourselves up like that, whether it be with jobs, relationships, etc.? We expect certain things, count on certain things happening and act accordingly. So when things don't go as planned, have we made the disappointment even worse on ourselves by acting on our expectations and our faith, or were we justified in doing so? And how do you know when it really is faith and not just excitement & being anxious to make something happen whether it's meant to be or not.

These are just my musings on the subject. I don't have any answers, which is really too bad considering I need some.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Broom List

Once again I'm getting ideas from my Twitter fam! :)

This one is courtesy of this article from and @NoNamesJustLo (who always has something interesting to tweet). Last night she said
Before I become a Mrs it is my GOAL to attend at least two fashion domestic and another abroad.

This got me to thinking. What are some things that I would like to accomplish or begin before I jump the broom? So here is my Broom List (I'm compiling it as I go, so who knows how many things will be on it). Some of it is a little mundane, but they are things that I feel I should and/or need to do. I don't know how many of them will actually be done before I get married, considering I do kinda see it on the horizon already. And if I happen to share some of these with my husband, that's fine. However, some of these are mandatory BEFORE I say "I do." My main reason in wanting to do most of these before marriage is because I either A) think it would be a strain that a new marriage should not have to deal with, or B) want to be able to fully experience some things JUST for ME, without any real obligations or anything to tie me down. This list may expand or shrink, who knows. But these are my pre-nuptial priorities for the moment, in no particular order.
(BTW: If you don't get the title, it's a spin off of the Bucket List, where you list things you want to do before you "kick the bucket." These are things to do before I "jump the broom." What's that you say, you don't understand "jump the broom"? *sigh* Okay, click here.)

1. Travel to Greece and/or Italy.
I have always been fascinated with these countries and would love to be able to travel to either. Being able to take in the sights and sounds I want to... having a peaceful, secluded time to focus and meditate... experiencing the country freely and at my discretion, without interference due to what someone else wants or thinks or needs.... Those things are important to me. Although I'd eventually love to experience this with the future Mr., I want to have my own "private time" there as well.

2. Receive my MBA and real estate agent's license.
I am currently working on my MBA (done December 2010 if all goes well!) and will soon begin working on my RE license. I have to have this done before I become Mrs. so-and-so for two reasons. One is because I don't want to still be in school while becoming acclimated to married life. I know some people can do this, and kudos to them, but I can only juggle so much. Secondly, if I already have these things in place, I feel that I will be in a better position career-wise and financially. I don't want to go into a marriage barely bringing anything to the table. I want to already have some things going for myself.

3. Pay off all & close most of my credit cards, pay down my major 1 or 2 cards, and eliminate as much of my student loan debt as possible.
This is another MUST. Truly, this is something that I need to do as soon as possible anyway, whether married or not. Carrying around a bunch of debt is no bueno on your psyche or your bank account. Fortunately my credit card debt isn't that high (if I get this job I'm applying for, I'll be able to have them all paid off within about 4-5 months!) but student loans are another story. I want to have a nice dent in those before walking down the isle. After all, once he & I become "we" then we also have "our" debt to deal with. I want that to be as minimal as it can be. Plus, it's always nice to know that your credit is in great shape (I'm pretty darn good right now, but I'd love to be better.)

4. Live alone for at least a year.
This is probably laughable to most of y'all, but I am serious! I know a lot of young women who either got married straight from their parents' house, or are waiting to do so. I'm still living with my folks right now (hard times, my people, hard times) but I cannot see myself going straight from their roof to living with my husband. I need a transition period. A period of freedom where I can walk around my place butt naked without fear of my hidden tat being seen or of being groped when I really don't feel like it. I want a place where I can put my inner interior designer to work without other people's input. I want to come and go as I please without the "friendly checkup calls." I want a chance to get lonely in my own place before permanently sharing my space with a man.

5. Buy my own real diamonds.
In my opinion, a girl should have at least one piece of real diamond jewelry (ring, necklace, earrings, something) that she bought for herself, just so she won't be blinded by some lackluster man and his "bling" or promises to buy her something. Of course I know not every woman looks for that or is really affected by that, but there are some that are easily impressed by the small material things. I just think that maybe they wouldn't be so easily electrified by it if they could wave their hand or pull the hair back from their ear to reveal a genuine gem and say "I've got my own. What else can you offer me?"

6. Throw a party.
For some reason, I've always pictured my married life full of dinner parties, summer backyard barbecues, Superbowl parties, book club meetings, etc. I want to be the hostess with the mostest. But then it hit me: I've never even had a little house party! So once #3 happens, I will try my hand at a nice, mid-sized theme party. I'm anxious to see how this goes...

7. Get published.This may be vain but I really don't care. I simply want something, a public record, that shows that I am about making moves, sharing thoughts & ideas, and inspiring others. I want it known that I am just as great as Ms. Tori D. as I will be as Mrs. Tori D. ________

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm Self-Hating because of my hair? Say What?!

As I mentioned yesterday and have probably said a time or two before here, I'm considering letting my relaxed hair grow out and wearing my hair natural. The majority of my line sisters are natural, which is what first prompted me to look into it. Now, I meet more and more Black women who are either transitioning or have been natural for a while.

While I have not made a decision about what I want to do just yet, I have been all over the net trying to gather information about transitioning, finding cute natural hairstyles, pros & cons of both relaxed & natural hair, etc. Although I have come across some helpful articles and e-associates that have answered questions, posted pics, and tried to convince me to let go of the creamy crack, I have also come across something else. Something disturbingly common. Something not so friendly from current naturalistas.

Site after site after site, I see black women bashing other black women who use perms. According to them, we can't accept ourselves the way God made us. We are trying to live up to a European standard of beauty. We've been brainwashed by The Man. We hate ourselves. Seriously, I have to hate myself because I don't currently wear my hair natural? Ummm, excuse me, but GTFOOHWTBS.

From what I'm seeing, some of these ladies are reacting to years of taunting--maybe even back to childhood--because they were called nappy-headed, etc. Now, although I'm not a part of the natural movement, I thought that many had come to embrace the term "nappy." "Happy to be nappy," "naptural," Nappy Roots. (Okay, I just threw the last one in there, but where did those guys go?) Although they--those that made the comments I am referring to--are claiming to be proud of who they are and perceive themselves to be blacker and stronger than their relaxed counterparts, they are doing the same thing that they've condemned others for: classifying and debasing others strictly on account of their hair. And considering they claim to love themselves and be confident in who they are, it seems they would let these "insults" roll off of their backs. But alas, we know everybody ain't what they say they are.

My biggest problem with those comments is that they lump all of us non-natural sistahs in a category and make broad assumptions. "They view natural hair as ugly... bad hair." They who? Don't feign to know how I feel just by the way I wear my hair. I have seen plenty of natural styles that made me completely jealous (simply because I know I don't have the patience to get my hair to the point it needs to be for intricate loc designs). And the condescending statements like, "They say they have perms to make their hair more manageable. Shouldn't you know how to manage your natural hair? It's what you were born with after all. Not that wanna-be white stuff." Pump ya breaks!! Most of the black women I know have had perms since they were little. I have had mine since I was about four or five years old. That means that before I was trying to manage anything about my look, my hair was relaxed, so how the hell would I just automatically know how to take care of natural hair? I would have to learn, just like I had to learn how to deal with my hair in its current state. So no, I shouldn't automatically know what to do with it. Thanks.

The final thing that ticks me off about this is the bold, broad, untrue belief that you cannot have healthy relaxed hair. In the words of B. Scott, "Bitch, boo, bye!" As I stated, I've had a perm for 20 years and guess what? My hair is long, strong and healthy! It's not simply having a perm that makes hair unhealthy, it's not knowing how to take care of it and doing any and everything to your hair. (Oddly enough, I really don't know how to take care of my hair for real for real. LOL Fortunately I come from a family of cosmetologist so I can get it taken care of properly and for the low!) The same would be true for those that are natural. Not everyone's hair can withstand the same things; so even natural hair can be damaged, brittle, dry, and yes even unmanageable if not cared for as it should be.

So, before I step off of my soapbox, let me say this. The way I wear my hair, much like the clothes I wear and my makeup if/when I choose to wear it, is a matter of personal choice. That means that for whatever reason, it makes me happy, and that reason could be completely different from what you THINK it is. As India.Arie sang, "I am NOT my hair," and that is true for all, whether natural, permed, bald, whatever! We get enough flack, insults and "curiosity" from others about our uniquely African features. I shouldn't have to deal with it from those who claim to embrace blackness so.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today's Randomness: Pressing Questions

Since I don't have anything in particular to write about today, I figured I'd just ask some questions that have been rattling around in my mind for a while. Pure randomness.

1. My clothes still fit the same and the scale still reads the same, but people have been saying I look like I'm losing weight. How can this be? (Certainly not complaining, by the way, just really curious.)

2. If I were to get hired for one of these out of state jobs, how would i make the move? The little plan I have in mind now is to sell as much stuff as possible, then pack up the essentials on a u-haul and head out. I'd get a cheap room to stay in (if staying with family/phamily isn't an option) & live off cheap food (hey I was a college student once; I can make Ramen noodles freakin gourmet!). Then w/ the first check, I get an apartment; second check, furniture. Good plan? What are the flaws?

3. To go natural, or not to go natural? I've been debating on this for a while. I really really want what I consider to be the coupe de gras (did I spell that right?) of natural hair: a fro. Like this one. Yeah I know it's just a drawing and my hair may not actually look like that if I go natural, but that's what I want! So should I go for it, or stay with the creamy crack?

4. What am I doing with my life? What do I plan on doing once I get my MBA? I definitely don't need a master's to be an assistant. Should I go on and pursue real estate? And if I do that, how do I even go about balancing that and my "regular" job until that becomes a stable, reliable source of income?

5. Where should I be focusing my job search: Richmond VA, Dallas TX, Atlanta GA, or Memphis TN? I really really wanna move to VA, but I see so many more opportunities in Dallas. What to do?

6. Is 7 days too long for a cruise? I'll be taking my 1st one next year for my birthday, and a lot of people seem to think that's too long. Really? The shorter trips don't have as many stops and don't go to the places I want. I'm sticking with the cruise I found, but still... Is that a long time?

7. What would you do if your friend's fiance was texting or calling you making inappropriate comments? Would you tell your friend? What if you weren't sure if the fiance was actually hitting on you or was joking but didn't know the line? What would be your steps to take?

Aight, I'm done with the randomness for now. Til next time!

Monday, July 13, 2009

From the People: Has the Civil Rights agenda been completed?

I've decided to try something a little different. Since I am trying to get back into the habit of writing consistently but face writers block quite often, I've requested input from my tweeple as far as what topics to write about.

Tonight's topic is from my lovely Soror @BlueDeucex2 who writes:

@KittyPurrfecta Do you think that the civil rights agenda has been completed now that we have a black man as president? If not, what's next?

Loaded first topic (and I'm really no politico), but I'm always up for a challenge!

First, we have to determine just what exactly the Civil Rights agenda was. While I am not aware of an official list of goals for the Civil Rights Movement, I do know that it was a fight for desegregation and equality in all aspects of life. While we do have these things mandated by law today as well as a black man as POTUS, I do not believe the civil rights agenda has truly been completed.

Let's look at some of the facts. Blacks make up about half of the population of all of the US prisons, while only comprising 13% of the total population. Of those in jail, the majority are in jail on drug charges, even though studies have shown that whites are more likely to do drugs than blacks. On top of that, police have even admitted to targeting black and minority areas, especially when enforcing drug laws.

As far as education, black are graduating from high school at a sad rate of only 50%. Out of those that go on to college, even less--only approximately 43%--graduate. And while we all know that a college education does not guarantee success financially or career-wise, a lack of a degree could be a setback in many areas and possibly a barrier to advancement.

Add to these the facts that:
* segregation and discrimination are still happening, even where there is no written policy to do so
* blacks and minorities still economic disadvantages in disproportionate numbers to whites
* blacks are still less likely to receive a fair trial or fair treatment by the criminal justice system

We see that there is still much work that needs to be done by way of the civil rights agenda. Yes, the nomination and election of the nation's first black president is a MAJOR step forward. However, this in no way means "we have arrived."

So what's next? Well, if it were up to me, I'd make the next step a two-fold move.
First, we need to turn inward and help ourselves. Let folks know what their rights are and how to recognize when those rights are being violated. Stress the importance of education versus the criminal lifestyle. Assist black entrepreneurs with starting, growing and effectively running a business. Support black businesses. Encourage those in our communities to vote not only in presidential elections, but those that affect us most: mayor, governor, senators, etc.
Secondly, we need to actively defend against any show of discrimination or act of prejudice. There should be devoted watch dog groups to ensure that the court system treats black defendants in the same manner as white defendants and to help victims of discrimination seek justice. (Of course, one could say that's what the NAACP is for, but that's another argument for another night; I just don't have it in me right now...)

Now, let the discussion begin!!

So what do YOU want me to talk about? Let me know! Just hit me up on Twitter ( or email me (go to my profile and hit the link).

Monday, July 6, 2009

Tori D. on being the sidepiece

*i know this post is a bit ramble-y. Forgive me. I have a lot on my mind but wanted to get this out quickly*

The recent murder of Steve "Air" McNair and his mistress made me reflect on my less-than-admirable time spent dealing with men who were already in committed relationships. Yes, for a time, I played the other woman role frequently. The speculation that maybe her boyfriend killed them, or that it was possibly his wife, brought back memories that I have actively tried to forget. Memories of confrontations that were embarrassing, unsavory and some down-right scary. I realized that I have unnecessarily put myself in situations that could've easily been avoided by respecting the boundaries of other people's relationships. Now at the time, I couldn't care less about all of that. I was selfish and immature, and what did I care if the guy I wanted was engaged or married or whatever? I had to have him. Although I made it through that phase physically unscathed, it did fuck with my head as far as trust and relationships and the karma that is bound to come back on me. But for the grace of God, I could've ended up in a ditch somewhere. I've definitely been threatened, and it's not as if I don't understand where that anger was coming from... I've said all of that to say this. It is truly not worth it. No one should subject themselves to playing to side role. If he's married, whether he is pursuing you or not, keep it moving! It is seriously not a game out here; people will hurt you for disrespecting their relationships. If you're the one that's married/in a serious, committed relationship, don't even start down that path with another woman/man. Even if you think it won't amount to anything but new sex, it will affect you in ways that you may not even see until later on down the road. Either way, it's seriously not worth it. I wish I'd listened to this shit before I did it, but since I was stupid enough to do it hopefully I can redeem myself somewhat my warning others who may follow. In the words of my friend
@NoNamesJustLo in her tweet after the McNair murder: "Yall better leave that boyfriend #2/side chick stuff alone! People get hurt over that. you wanna multitask get two jobs!"

Random related thoughts from an old Myspace blog:
I know a lot of people say that a woman who would settle for being "the other woman" must have low self-esteem. I've knowingly been the other woman a couple of times, but I never thought there was an esteem issue at hand. I didn't think "oh i don't deserve my own man," or "i'm not good enough to have someone so i'll just settle for this." Instead it was always, "i see something i want. i think i'll take it." Trifling? Yes, it was. But that was my mentality then. However, even though the self-esteem thing wasn't as blatant as I was making it out to be, maybe it still played a factor. I've always had a huge fear of rejection, so at least with being the other woman there was no real commitment, save one particular relationship.
Even though I acted like i wasn't affected by being a sideline ho, i was. I could always bring up the positive points, but its not like i couldn't see all the pitfalls staring me in the face. This was especially true at night, when i couldn't talk to the guys like i wanted to, or be out with them because they were with someone else. Finally it got to the point that i realized it wasn't worth it. I've finally grown up and realized that i take center stage, and if a guy thinks i'm just second best, he clearly doesn't know what caliber of princess he's dealing with. It's been a long time coming, and it came with a lot of heartache, headaches, frustration and tears.

What Happens to a Dream Deferred?

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore--
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat
Or crust and sugar over--
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.
Or does it explode?

-Langston Hughes

I posed this question to myself today. I was looking at the middle aged folks working in different department stores and restaurants today, and I wondered where did they plan on being at this stage in their lives? When they were younger, what did they picture themselves doing, and do they still hold that dream somewhere? Maybe the dream was deferred, or altogether died, and this was their stopping point. Maybe they, like me, had yet to discover their dream. After all, how can you pursue a passion when you are passionless?

Of course, I'm in no way belittling their jobs or their lives. Everyone has a role somewhere. I know everyone can't be stars; everyone can't be rich and famous. Without anyone to do the seemingly inconsequential jobs, our lives wouldn't be as comfortable or convenient as they are, so I am certainly thankful. I just wonder what my fate will be if I never get the chance--or never find the courage--to pursue my own dreams. Am I destined to be confined to a desk, surviving and perhaps even excelling but not doing what truly makes me happy? Or will I be one of those lucky ones who finds a purpose, finds a passion, and dares to go after those dreams before they dry up like a raisin in the sun.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Update: "A Mile in My Shoes..."

We are just a little over halfway to the submission deadline for A Mile in My Shoes... And Her Shoes Too. So far I have a grand total of.... ONE submission. (Thanks Taqwaa, you're the best!)

But that's okay!

Of course I know people drag their feet, especially if it's something that really isn't "theirs" or "not that important" to them. Some who said they would help probably won't. Maybe they don't think it's worth the time, or doubt that I'm serious about this little pet project of mine. Maybe they just really think the idea is stupid and don't want to be bothered, even though they lauded it as a great idea.

And that's fine.

In fact, really it's fine if that's the only submission I get. That just means it'll be time to show and prove that I can indeed create my own shine! True, I will have to work a bit harder and it may take a little longer to get the book done, but it WILL be done. I already have several pieces that I'm working on for the book. (Side note: I don't know why, but whenever I do something like this I start on several different parts at once instead of completing one portion and then moving on to the next. I assume it's because I can't focus on one thing for too long.)

Moral of the story: this book will be published. And it will be fabulous. And you will wish you'd gotten in on it. LOL If I get more submission, that would be lovely. (If you're interested, submissions can be sent to But if not, that's good as well. The show must go on.

Besides, I'm Tori D.!




Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shoe Porn Pt. II: Kitten Heels

Yes, you read that correctly: kitten heels.

So here is the deal. I'm a pretty tall girl (or at least I consider myself kinda tall even though I'm just 5'7"). Boofriend, however, is not the 6'2" tall drink of water that I imagined I'd be with. Since I don't want to tower over him the way I do in my usual 3.5-5" heels, but can't deal with flats, kitten heels are the next best thing.

A kitten heel is a short, slender heel, usually from 3.5 centimeters (1.5 inches) to 5 centimeters (2 inches) high with a slight curve setting the heel in from the edge of the shoe. The style was popularized by Audrey Hepburn.

Now I know some of you are like, "Kitten heels? No ma'am!" But I've found some very cayute little kitten heels to make you reconsider. Once again, my taste has gotten the best of me. Champagne taste + box wine budget (a step above beer) = an unhappy Tori D. But that's okay! For now I will have to be content with just looking...

Miss Sixty
Retail value: $159.00 (but at the time of this blog, they are available on for $78.20. They only had sizes 8 & 9 though; no good for my 10/11
When I see these shoes, I think: PARTY. Seriously, New Year's Eve, got ya little slinky silver dress on, a pair of statement earrings, and these gawgeous little things. Simple can say so much sometimes!

Jimmy Choo
Retail value: $595.00 (but they are available on for a steal at only $476.00!)
I picture these as the "serious business" shoe. These, a black suit with a pencil skirt and a colorful button-down. Oh yes, when I grow up, these shoes will be a part of my arsenal.

"Kitten Heel Sandals"
Retail value: $665.00
These were my favorite pair out of all that I've seen so far. I was so heartbroken when I saw the price and couldn't find not ONE discount anywhere! I had my heart set on these, but my pocket is not cooperating. Oh well... One day my pretties!

They are classified as
stiletto heels and despite their lack of height are generally classified as 'high heels' because of their sex appeal; particularly when teamed with a sharp pointed toe.

"Class Act"
Retail price: $345.00 (found on at $276.00)
One look at these and you should know their ideal place: on the foot of a bride on her big day! It's elegant and fashion-forward but
still appears to be comfortable. Much better than the trend I've been noticing lately: glammed-up flip-flops. Dios mio.

Retail price: $394.95 ($217.22 at
For some reason, this particular shoe gives me "teacher." IDK. Anyway, it's such a cute little shoe! I could definitely see myself slipping into these for a lunch meeting with a client.

Retail price: $349.94 (on $192.47)
Another business beauty from Hollywould. (And another I can't afford until I'm seriously IN BUSINESS.) One word for this one: Interviews.

They were introduced in the late 1950s as formal fashion attire for young adolescent teenage girls as higher heels would have been considered unseemly for girls as young as 13 because of the sexual connotations and unease of walk.

Robert Clergerie
Retail price: $819.00 (Depending on what color you prefer, you can get them for $371.87-black, $385.00-cafe, or $463.28-gray)
I don't have words to tell how much I love these! I'm already a boot fanatic (even though I rarely get to wear them here in Mississippi). When I do get to don a nice pair, they usually have an incredibly high heel. That's fine for when I'll be sitting the majority of the time. However, do a little walking and I'm ready to run out of them. These are what's missing from my life! (Or at least, my wardrobe) Seeing these ensures that I will have a second job to feed my shoe habit.

Irregular Choice
Retail price: $129.95 ( has them for $45.48)
DAMMIT TO BLOODY HELL!! The first affordable pair I find (and in royal blue, no less!) and they don't have my size! Hmmm, if I cut off my toes, I could possibly squeeze into the 9.5 after my feel healed... LOL Just jokes y'all! I know it's definitely not that serious. But these are beautiful to me! They give me a ballet vibe.

Irregular Choice
Retail price: $114.95 (The listing I saw for it on says $63.22 - $98.55)
Okay, seriously, how could you not find this cute? This is seriously throwback to the little Mary Janes worn in elementary school. But it's the little twists that make shoes like this a must-have for me: the unique angles of the cut, the diagonal strap, the squat round heel. Though not my idea of "sexy" they definitely have an edge to them that only a sexy someone like myself could pull off. (Unfortunately, the curse of Bigfoot strikes again... Where is that saw?!)

Irregular Choice
Retail price: I couldn't even find one. Every site I tried was sold out. :( All I have are the pictures and lustful dreams of these shoes.
"ANOTHER pair of Irregular Choice?" you ask. Yes!! Don't act like you don't like it! LOL But for real, every time I look for something else I see another pair of Irregular Choice that makes me gasp a little more than the pair before. And although they seem to shun women with a little more to love down there *takes a look at my long, somewhat flat feet* I still think they're freakin awesome. And oh yes, you will be seeing more of them soon.