Friday, July 3, 2009

Update: "A Mile in My Shoes..."

We are just a little over halfway to the submission deadline for A Mile in My Shoes... And Her Shoes Too. So far I have a grand total of.... ONE submission. (Thanks Taqwaa, you're the best!)

But that's okay!

Of course I know people drag their feet, especially if it's something that really isn't "theirs" or "not that important" to them. Some who said they would help probably won't. Maybe they don't think it's worth the time, or doubt that I'm serious about this little pet project of mine. Maybe they just really think the idea is stupid and don't want to be bothered, even though they lauded it as a great idea.

And that's fine.

In fact, really it's fine if that's the only submission I get. That just means it'll be time to show and prove that I can indeed create my own shine! True, I will have to work a bit harder and it may take a little longer to get the book done, but it WILL be done. I already have several pieces that I'm working on for the book. (Side note: I don't know why, but whenever I do something like this I start on several different parts at once instead of completing one portion and then moving on to the next. I assume it's because I can't focus on one thing for too long.)

Moral of the story: this book will be published. And it will be fabulous. And you will wish you'd gotten in on it. LOL If I get more submission, that would be lovely. (If you're interested, submissions can be sent to But if not, that's good as well. The show must go on.

Besides, I'm Tori D.!





Kuma3 said...

you know you stole that from me right lol

Tori D. said...

*sigh* Aye, I'm not doing this with you today, yo.