Monday, January 19, 2009

Day One

So I said eff it and decided that I would put my weight out there. I figured maybe I could embarrass myself into losing weight, and (potentially) having the whole world know how much of a fat ass I am would rank pretty high on my embarrassment scale.

So, here goes...

I weighed in at.... 261 lb. Twenty pounds heavier than at my last doctor visit in March. A full 100 lbs heavier than my boyfriend's heaviest ex (or at least from what he's told me). According to commonly accepted height & weight charts, I am obese (I'm 5'7").

Yes, I am a little porker. On the up side, most people that have ventured to guess my weight hit the 200-230 area, so I guess I "wear the weight well," as my mom puts it. Of course, she just may be trying to protect my feelings. And in this instance, I'm inclined to let her.

I've been drinking the grapefruit juice religiously, but today I wasn't able to drink it before lunch since we went out of town at the spur of the moment. But as soon as I got home I drank a full glass and ate half a grapefruit. Dunno if it works retroactively or not, but I figure it couldn't hurt.

The thing that is really gonna kill me is trying to give up carbs. I practically LIVE off of bread, pasta, potatoes and rice. Giving that up is not going to be fun at all. And I'm not even fooling myself like I'll be able to give it up completely cuz I know that's a lie. But I do need to reduce how much I consume. And I do feel really good about the fact that I haven't been inhaling the peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies I bought last Saturday. Usually a pack of cookies doesn't last a full week, and this one is on week two. Yay me!

Okay, I need to cut this off because it is 10:41 pm and I am getting hungry again, so I guess I need to just get some water and go to bed. Til tomorrow!

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