Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day Two

I took a full body pic this morning (the first in a loooong time) to be my before picture. I am so so embarrassed about this picture, but if it helps motivate me to do better, I guess I gotta post it.

I hate this picture! There are obvious reasons: lack of makeup; that "I just woke up, it's too early but imma fake a smile" expression; the odd stance (wth is my right leg doing?!). But more than that is the fact that I actually look a lot larger than I even thought I did. I am especially thru at the double chin. Usually I take pix at an angle (like the profile pic, which is actually pretty recent) so you can't really see it. I guess I've done it so much that I convinced myself that it wasn't that bad, but looking at it straight on... Damn! The tire in the middle... Well there was no denying that. I've known that was there, and even though I failed to admit that it was getting bigger and bigger, I knew I needed to get rid of it.
My current measurements are 54-45-52. Not great.

I've been doing pretty well with the grapefruit juice (yay me!) and avoiding sweets, but then again, this is only day two. I did have fried food today though, and carbs. I got some fried catfish and fries as a celebration lunch after watching the Inauguration. :) But of course that Lean Cuisine is going to be eaten tomorrow, because I cannot afford to do any more damage for the week. Had a delicious salad from McDonald's of all places. The grilled chicken was yummy! And surprisingly, the light ranch wasn't nasty. Kudos, McD's. Sucked down one bottle of water, gotta see if I can get another down before bed. If nothing else, maybe I'll piss away the fat. LOL Vulgar I know! Sowwie :)

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