Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fat, Black, and Bootyless

Yes, you read that right folks. I'm an anomaly. I am a big girl and a black girl, but I have no booty. Something must be done about this!

Okay, the real reason I am starting this blog is because some Sorors and friends have decided that we are going to lose weight, shape up, and get healthy. This is great since I said I need to shed a few pounds. I've already started changing some of my eating habits, and I think this motivation
along with some kind of workout is just what I need.

These are the changes I have made & need to make:
  • less fried food
  • cut down the sweets (that's my weakness!)
  • eat more fruits & veggies (yuck)
  • work on my portion control
  • drinking more water and green tea

What we are trying is not the grapefruit diet, but it does involve plenty of grapefruit. You eat half a grapefruit (or drink 8 oz of grapefruit juice) before every meal. Apparently there's something in the fruit that helps burn fat. Dunno exactly what it is, but I do have the link that is supposed to have that info. I'll be back later to post that, plus my friends' tips and whatnot.

Oh yeah, I am so serious about the "less gut more butt" part. I've gotta find a workout that helps me lose my lil pudge in the front and get a lil donk in the back. I'm cool with being voluptuous, but I could manage being thick and just as sexy... lol

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