Saturday, January 31, 2009


I've been a slack bitch these last couple days. Right now I'm downing the last two little squares of a Hershey bar and a Lean Pockets breakfast... pocket, even thought its 10:42 at night. Fuck it, I'm pissed off and the chocolate makes me feel better, i'm hungry, and the lil diet thing ain't doin anything anyway. I'm still drinking the grapefruit juice, still eating baked, grilled, blackened, broiled, etc. instead of fried. I won't even begin to try & remember what I ate over the days I wasn't writing. But I stuck to the no eating after 10 rule (with the exception of tonight).

I'm somewhat sick of this already and really wanna just say fuck it and be content to be a fat girl the rest of my life. I mean, is it really that bad? I've been a fat girl 23 years, so why stop now? Ugh.

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