Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Think I've Got My Answer... And More Questions

A few weeks ago I posed the question, "Are Black women not considered elegant?" I asked this because there was so little out there about sophisticated, elegant Black women. But the more I search for information and inspiration for this blog, the more I start to think that maybe it isn't just a matter of Black women being overlooked.

Consider this: A search for "elegant women" brings up a myriad of shopping sites, from home interiors, to books, to clothing and lingerie, along with the previously mentioned sites. "Elegant black women" brings up mostly women's clothing. "Elegant African American women" brings up, oddly, a high number of sites selling figurines.

(Off topic, I came across a site that had a cute little figurine of a woman in blue & white. It also had the same figurine available in red & white and pink & green. Although the site made no mention of BGLOs with these figurines, I thought it amusing that the figurine in blue & white was dark skinned while the other two were light skinned. Interesting indeed lol)

So maybe the issue isn't that Black women aren't considered elegant. Maybe it's that there isn't much emphasis placed on elegance for the whole of womanhood. If this is the case, then is there any point of striving for elegance? And if elegance is the standard to which one should try to hold themselves to, whose responsibility is it to take the lead on that? Do everyday women like you and me decide to pursue elegance and hope that it becomes mainstream, or do we wait and take our cue from the media, celebrities, etc.? Hopefully those who are striving for sophistication know that following fads isn't what makes you elegant, but rather the ability to do your own thing and make others want to follow you.

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