Thursday, August 6, 2009

Things My Future Husband Should Know: We're Gonna Be Like...

Yes yes, it's another MySpace transplant! A while back I started this series of entries with tips for the man who gets stuck... errrr, I mean, who is LUCKY enough to get me for life! Really it's just kinda random, but hey, just play along! lol Anyway, they'll be popping up here from time to time, as well as some new goodies. Soooo, yeah...

Friday, December 05, 2008

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So everyone sees couples that they think "awwww I wanna have a relationship like that!"(or is that just me? well imma assume its everyone) These are some examples of the IRL couples (none of that Cliff & Claire Huxtable stuff) that I have "seen" that I would love to be like.

1. Will & Jada Pinkett Smith
No, I'm not saying this because they swing. (but hey, if you're down... lol) Instead, it's because they are making a marriage work in the midst of busy schedules and public scrutiny. This little article that I came across helped me understand how they did it, and gave me something to model our relationship after:

Will Smith might want to brace himself for a performance review and PowerPoint presentation on how he is and isn't measuring up as a spouse. "I'm doing what you might call a business plan in my marriage right now," Jada Pinkett Smith explains to Cookie magazine. "I don't know why, but we all think these things are supposed to be in sync. You know, when you're in business, you figure out what your goals are and how you're going to get all that achieved, right?" According to the pragmatic actress, "The point is to clear out a lot of unnecessary stuff so we can find ways of being better together, because your relationship is either moving forward or it's dying."

2. Pat & Gina Neely
I chose this couple because they are just cute together! I love watching them cook & flirt with each other while doing so. I always imagine having someone that I could be like that with, so that menial, everyday tasks are a little more exciting and special because I have someone great to share that time with. If you've never watched their show, you should. You'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

Better yet: check check it!

3. Barack & Michelle Obama

Okay so this one is obvious right?! A strong example of the beauty of Black Love. I absolutely adore how Michelle is a powerful woman who can still uplift, support and stand beside her man, and how Barack shows that he can be a leader and still appreciate the good woman that he has. *sigh* So much I wanna say on this one, but I'll do it later, seeing as how right now I'm in ADHD mode.

Note after the fact: so I know I didn't go in-depth with this before, and I'm too sleepy to do it now. But something a lil deeper will be coming... eventually.

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