Saturday, August 22, 2009

I think I was almost had...

by a pair of knockoffs! *cues dramatic music and the blood-curdling scream*

To be honest, I am not sure if these shoes are a knockoff or authentic Christian Louboutin. I have seen this shoe before in black, and I am certain that those are indeed Louboutin.
However, the blue ones? Never ever seen before. I want to believe they are real... God, I wanna believe! I mean, they're freakin' blue & white, so of course I need them in my life! But something about these still don't seem right. Maybe it's because they are from a site I've never heard of and the fact that they are selling it for only $224 ( is getting the serious side-eye from me right now). And there is the fact that I've never seen this particular shoe in any color but black. And the more I look at that bow from the back, the more I'm convinced that someone may have just painted the bottom and tacked a ribbon onto the back of a regular old shoe...

Stop perping, people. For the love of Louboutins, don't do it!

I'm off to find some verified designer shoes to fawn over.

Tori D. Edit: after seeing the back of the real Louboutin and looking a bit more closely at the top pic to see the not-so-great MS Paint job that was done on the sole of the shoe, I feel like a fool -_- But at least I'm not a fool who bought Loubooties.

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