Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Randonmess: Because I'm just in that kinda mood

I was somewhat in the mood to write earlier, but now... not so much. But I figured I'd share a bit of my random side since I feel compelled to write something.

Grades were finally posted today for my summer class. I could not believe I ended up with an A in my Microeconomic Theory course! So now I'm sitting at a nice 3.67 GPA for grad school. Man, I wish I would've done this well and been this focused in undergrad! But then again, there were a lot of distractions in undergrad.... Whole lotta distractions.... lol

I'm supposed to be singing in a wedding next Friday. Guess who still doesn't really know the song? THIS CHICK. I'm singing "That's What Friends Are For" as a solo (and just for the record, I do not care for this song) and then some Donnie McClurkin song with a group that I have yet to meet. This will be... interesting. But I'll definitely have my song together by then... hopefully.

Real Estate Agent or Professor at a university? I'm trying to decide which one is right for me. Momma broke it down like this: I could finish up my MBA and get my real estate license, but then I'll actually have to put in work to make the sales I need to make to live like I wanna live. On the other hand, I could bust my butt in school a few more years, go on and get that young Ph.D. behind my name, and find a job at a university. Then I don't have to do much but show up for classes and go by the syllabus I set. So basically: work hard now or work hard later (even though it definitely is two different forms of "working hard" so I guess that's not truly comparable). I'm still weighing my options.

Anyone planning on seeing Good Hair? I am! If you haven't seen the trailer, here ya go:

I need something to go see now though... Maybe I'll take myself to see The Ugly Truth on Friday. We'll see.

Aright, it's definitely time for me to lay it down. Hopefully next time I'll actually have something to write about instead of writing out of boredom :)

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