Thursday, August 13, 2009

Midday Randomness: Five things that would make me happy right now...

Shoe shopping, of course. That always makes me happy (unless I can't find a 10... ol' sizeists!)

Boris (yeah, we're on a first name basis like that) and his yummy delicious abs, sexy lips... Oh, what's that? Of course I was just playing baby! You know I mean YOU!

A massage (from Boris).

I tend to be a lil nicer & more mellow with some libations in me. To quote Homer Simpson (um, yes, you read that correctly) "Here’s to alcohol, the cause of — and solution to — all life’s problems."

This is probably what I need the most. A nice, looong nap.

Okay, I've looked & imagined (fantasized for you, Boris.... um, I mean Baby). Maybe now I can get through the rest of the day & do something... I dunno, productive.


Kuma3 said...

oh word that what it is now huh

Tori D. said...

Out of all days, this is the one you decide to read... LOL & SMH