Saturday, August 8, 2009

Black Barbie in Vogue Italia's Black Issue

I've probably mentioned this somewhere on here before, but I've never been a doll person. As a little girl I was much more interested in getting the latest cool little techy gadget that no one else had than another Barbie. The few I had were unsolicited (except for the black Barbie with the ridiculously long hair... which I promptly cut) and unattended.

However, the little girly girl that never really came out during childhood squealed with delight when I read an article saying that as a followup to Vogue Italia's extremely successful Black Issue (featuring Toccara Jones, among other iconic Black models, in last year's issue), Vogue would be paying homage to one of the first fashion icons a young girl is introduced to: Barbie.

I absolutely love the concept of this issue as well as the previews of the images in this issue. My favs:

My absolute fav, for obvious reasons!
I like that they use Barbies of various shades, and love that the very dark doll stands out wonderfully!

The extremely varied looks, representative of our varied styles and beauty. Brilliant!

Read Vogue's article on their second Black Issue here.

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moxie_b said...

WOW...thats SO GREAT!!!!1 I had no idea..i'm SO going to read up on this!!!