Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eight-year-old Entrepreneur and Candy Sushi Chef

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Maybe it's the fact that I'm kinda warming up to kids and getting a little mushy when I see cute stories like this.

Maybe it's my pride in such a young little guy being responsible and creative enough to start this business.

Maybe it's my own muted entrepreneurial spirit living vicariously.

Maybe its my sweet tooth that starting to kick in...

Either way, I absolutely love stories like this! I want to see and hear more stories like this, highlighting black kids who are doing something positive for themselves (especially in business and the arts, cuz I happen to have a soft spot for those areas). And one day my non-profit will produce these types of success stories on the regular. This youngun has realized early in life that he doesn't have to spend his life making money for someone else; he can do it for himself. I wish I'd had the initiative to make my own dreams of working for myself come true as a youth. (Still gonna happen, but the head start would've been nice) Do your thing, Mr. Louison, I ain't mad atcha!

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