Monday, September 28, 2009

A few questions

just a lil catharsis post... if you can't laugh at your own troubles, you don't get the right to laugh at others, IMO. and i do a lot of laughing at others...

As a newly single woman, I've decided to bypass the whole mopey period (or not really bypass it; I was in it for the last week even before the official split) and jump back into the single girl game again. But before I do, here are my top three questions that need to be answered. After all, I'm a little rusty :)

1. What is the official "hey I'm single now!" ringtone? Last time I was single it was Trina's "Single Again." And of course I know "Single Ladies" but I'm tired of it (even though I sing it energetically when I hear it... and even though I think this video is hecka cute ^_^). Please tell me there's something else!

2. Where do you gals usually go to meet guys to kick it with? I don't do clubs. Definitely not doing churches because 80% are gay* and 60% are married*. (Yes, you read those number right; you do the math! lol) I hear work is an okay place, but there's nothing here but women and old white guys... What are my options for meeting cool, non-wannabe-thugs (that may possibly be willing & able to buy some drinks and pay some bills.... lol)

3. Has anyone invented a lame-nigga repellent yet? If not, they need to. I'd do several varieties: Bitch-nigga-be-gone, Lil-dick-away, married-man-move-on, etc. I'm sure there's a market for that.

So ummm, yeah. These are my questions! Let's go with these answers and tips and whatnot! =D

*these figures were pulled out of my butt just this morning. idk if there is any fact to them. but it seems like the numbers may not be far off.


KindredSmile said...

I wish I had some sage advice for you, but the truth is, I'm still working on this "dating" thing. As far as ringtones go, none of mine are even from this decade (90s R&B fahEVA). So far, I've been meeting guys in the oddest places, usually while running errands (Target, car shop, gas station!) but they haven't been the kind of guys that caught my eye. So I guess what I'm saying is you can't meet anyone unless you're out and about - common sense, I know, but it's true. And lastly, if you find a lame duck repellent, PUH LEASE send me the lank. If I hear one mo "aye guhl whatcho name eyuh" I might just die.

Tori D. said...

"aye guhl whatcho name eyuh" (and the mental image that came with it) has me laughing & almost crying at the same time!

I usually do meet guys when I'm just out & not really looking for anyone. Funny how that happens...

Thanks for the comment!