Thursday, September 24, 2009

Da Minista "Go Back"

I have to say, I hate hate HATE gospel rap. I don't have any particular problem with the idea of it, but all gospel rap that I have heard has been subpar as far as the "rap" goes, and the "gospel" gets muddled in them trying to use slang without really using it. IDK... What I do know is that this song is no exception to that.

However, I absolutely love the message to "church folks" in verse 3. He addressed one of the main things that makes me cringe about most churches: people sit and judge those that come in "off the street" when those are the people they should be showing love to and making feel welcome so that they wanna come to God. Instead, they turn up their noses and gossip about what someone has one. Just a few weeks ago, my pastor tore into this girl (a VISITOR) that came to the altar because she had on pants. Nothing wrong with what she had on, but he still felt the need to address it (even though the very next week he made a comment about not saying anything to people that come in with pants O_0 -I'll just chalk it up to him getting old and grumpy and/or senile). Moral of the story: people are worried about the wrong thing!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a video, lyrics or anything (after all, he's just a local *ahem* artist), but I found the song on his Myspace page! (I dunno why, but I am so tickled by that!) If you wanna just hear the verse I'm talking about, it starts at 3:00.

Anyway people, what are your opinions on the song, the message, gospel rap in general, whatever? I'm listening!

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