Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Myspace Oldie but Goodie: The Good Girl vs. The Bitch

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Warning: this post is full of cynicism, bitterness, and sarcasm. These are just random thoughts of mine. If you think anything said is applicable to you, examine yourself to figure out why. Don't be mad at me. Or be mad. I couldn't care less.

This is something that i've discussed with female friends before. I've observed it in my own life and in the lives of others. I've attempted to discuss it with male friends, but they all deny what i know to be true, which is this: A lot of guys pass up on the good girls to be with the b*****. Of course i'm not saying all of them, but i'm convinced its the overwhelming majority. Whether they choose to be with them or are with them through circumstance is not the issue.

There are two types of b****es that i've seen when it comes to men. There's the one that doesn't really care about him, treats him like crap, uses him for what he's worth, and doesn't mind sleeping around while they're together. For some reason, a lotta guys run up behind these b****es like puppies, there at their beck and call. It's almost like they are blinded to who these girls really are. They see a pristine princess when the rest of the world sees a trifling whore.

The second b**** is more common, at least from what I've seen. These are the one who will use any and every lie, trick, trap and deception to keep a man. I personally know of four really good guys trapped with babies. There are the ones who use blackmail and threats to keep men (yes, it's that serious i guess!). And (from what i've seen and been told) the guy will stick around and try to "make it work" even if there is no love there. Why? In what universe does this make sense? And although i wonder what kind of relationship could they possibly have if they are not both actually 100% willing, so far i've seen them make it work. at least for a while...

And then there are the good girls. The intelligent, hard-working women who aren't looking for handouts. The women who know what it means to be independent but can still be supported and be a support to her mate. Those progressive, modern women who can still slip easily into that traditional nurturing role. Shoot, i'm not afraid to say it, women like ME! lol I hear the same things over and over: "i should've stayed with you." "i made the wrong decision." "i wish i could find someone like you." And at those moments i can't help having the booboo face. I really wanna say, "did you really think a b**** would do you better?" But me being the good girl that i am, i'm the listening ear for all their whining, the shoulder to cry on when they try to figure out why a b**** is acting like a b****, the dispenser of advice on how to either deal with it or leave the b**** alone, the one that's forgotten when they go back to the b****.

i wonder what they could possibly see in these dumb broads? Or maybe i shouldn't call them dumb; perhaps they know something i don't. Maybe they know that all the advice that i've heard all my life about men and love and relationships is just WRONG. Or maybe i haven't seen it thru long enough to know that it doesn't actually work out for the b****es. Who knows.

I said before elsewhere that just because someone is looking for a good person and you are a good person, that doesn't mean you're the good person for them. And i know that to be true. But there are so many who say they want the good girl and end up with the b****.

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