Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quote of the Day

Not a notable or inspirational quote. It's just special to me. It was a message from HWHNT & every time I thought about it today it made me smile ^_^

I miss and love you. Can't wait to be in your presence again. I miss your aura.

Is that not the freakin' sweetest?! He didn't point out the physical or say he missed the incredible sex (yeah, I just tooted my horn a little lol). But my aura. My very energy. Aah, that got me!

Never mind me, I'm all warm and fuzzy and mushy today. I'll work on being hard later.

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moxie_b said...

(my bad commented in the wrong post) LOL

but yea my boo-friend used to tell me all the time he missed my 'essence' :D