Monday, February 22, 2010

"The Song I Sing"

I found out that someone I was once really close with has passed. He was really good people. We were never actually in a relationship, but I could count on him if I needed anything. He was the inspiration for one of my more, ummm, colorful poems. Laughed when I finally let him read it, said I wasn't really writing about him but he'd do all he could to make it apply. He was really good people. We drifted apart, hadn't talked in months. I kinda hate that now. Our last convo was one of those "let me hit you right back" things. I never did. I meant to... just never did. Always said I would, but since we weren't "like that" anymore I kinda let our friendship fall away.
I'm kinda rambling so I guess I should stop. Anyway, here is the poem he inspired. RIP friend.

There's so much i want to tell him
That i can never seem to put into words.
No matter how i scribble or sing or say them
But this is the song i sing for him
Lyricless love, a wordless hymn
Whenever he makes my body obey him
This is the song i sing for him
The song he never hears, will never recognize
Because he only hears it as uncontrolled moans and muffled cries
His pulse, his beat
Enough inspiration for me
To sing him the sweetest melody ever.
His highs and his lows are like a spiritual journey
I wanna thank God for blessing him so
Thank the ancestors for the infinite rhythm in his soul
Hell, i wanna thank his momma for having him
And his daddy for that stroke.
This is the song that i sing for him
In my head when he's whispering things in my ear
When he can't see my lips moving, saying nothing
But he feels me, he knows i'm calling his name
This is the song i sing
When he makes me have visions
In colors that i never even knew existed
This is the song i sing
When he's on top of me
Behind me
Inside me
This is the song i sing for him
When he leaves me breathless
Wide-eyed and senseless
When i'm speechless and can't say anything but

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