Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Randomness, cuz I know you miss it

Maybe I've overextended myself lately. Working fulltime, grad school part time, about to take my real estate agent's exam (Finally!) which will take up the little free time I have. Plus I've started working on the business plan for one of my two future nonprofit orgs, and lately I've been toying around with the idea of a consulting business (but that wouldn't be for a couple of years). And I'm still hopeful about this writing thing... I know what my problem is. I'm too indecisive and ADD-prone talented! There's only so much Tori D. to go around! My mother says I don't know how to pace myself, which is true. I want to do it all, and then when I can't I feel like I'm not doing anything. But hey, "small thing to a giant;" I can handle it.

I hope...

I'm considering lipo. Yup, this again. I'm not seeing results from the gym (and I haven't been BSing this time, I've really been going & putting time in). I don't even have to have it all over. I just want a defined neck and chin! No more double chin! No more "check" dang it! I usually only take pix from the chest up so that's all that matters. LOL

Now, for my shocking announcement:
Hmm, guess that's not as shocking as saying I'm pregnant (which I am totally not, by the way), but for those that know me this is definitely a "wat" moment. I thought I didn't have a biological clock, or if I did, it was broken. And that was fine by me. But um, it's going off like crazy. I need babies! Now! Okay lied, not now unless Common comes to his senses and wants me to carry his seed today. Within a few years though. The funny thing to me is the fact that I'd resigned myself to having kids for my husband (no bastid babies here) if he wanted, but I didn't really want to be involved with them. Not sure what changed or when it happened... but it did. I probably won't hear the end of it from HWHNT. Whatever, he just better be ready to make those 2:00 am ice cream runs. *smirk*

Finally, I think we need to do a telethon, charity walk, or something. The cause: friendless people. There are people who go through life all alone. Or even worse, they have "friends" who won't tell them when they look a damn fool. For just a few cents a day, you could help sponsor a friend for these people, so that they'll never walk out of the house like this again... *cues sad music from the ASPCA commercials*

Okay, enough of this foolishness! I can't take anymore...


25champ said...

Don't push the baby, button so fast. You think you don't have time now. I'm sure you already know, but it will come when it comes. These pics are hilarious. They can definetly use a friend to tell them what it Where can I sign up

KMac said...

Omgoodness! When I posted today, I was like, "If nobody else feels this blog, Tori will!" This is def a "wat." moment for me, lol.

Tori D. said...

@ 25champ Oh I'm definitely not rushing the baby thing. That's not coming until at least a yr or two of marriage, and there's no ring on this hand yet! And I'll have to send you the "Be A Friend" information packet. LOL

@ KMac I didn't understand this comment until I read your post! Then it was "a-ha!" lol I definitely feel ya!