Thursday, December 24, 2009

A random story about attention

The other day, while walking to the garage from work, a man stopped me & asked if I still went to Jackson State. I was a little hesitant, as I really didn't know dude, but I told him I was in grad school. His was working up there at the time, and used to see me walking to the business building regularly. Turns out he remembered me from my walk (people say I have a unique, "bouncy" walk... IDK) and the fact that my hair was always looking nice (#itstrue). He said I still had a pretty smile, wished me good luck in grad school, and that was that. Y'all don't even know how that made me feel! To know that someone I don't even know noticed me. I made a positive impression on someone... Someone who gave me a tiny bit of attention when he had no obligation or motivation to do so.

If that little random instance of letting me know someone was paying attention to me made me smile, imagine what attention from someone I'm feeling does for me! It doesn't take much... I'm really not an attention whore or anything LOL But little things like mentioning an inside joke at some random point... or mentioning something I discussed on one of my blogs or playfully pointing out my lil idiosyncrasies...

Don't really know where I'm going with this one... I'm just saying... I appreciate attention when it's coming from someone who has my attention... *shrug*

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