Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Get Over It?

On a message board I tend to frequent, a poster shared something that one of his facebook friends (who happens to be white) said:

"Why do some Young black people who have never experienced slavery, reference it
as a reason to hate the white population? Of course it's not everybody, only a
select few. My opinion is they need an excuse as to why they have no ambition.
They want a handout for something not them, their parents, nor even their
grandparents went through. But what do you think? I know this is a touchy topic.
Please understand I'm not racist. But after so many times of being told "I'm not
welcome here" with some emphasis of slavery, something that the only reason they
have knowledge of is a history book and what their parents tell them, and not on
personal experiences, I want to get to the bottom of this.... We have a black
man as President. Slavery is dead and gone. Seriously GET OVER IT..."

There were several interesting responses, most of which I agree with:

"I think its the same reason why white ppl fear black perpetrated violence even
though they never personally experienced it. You feel a certain way, because
this thing has happened to people just like you. The fear some of you feel...
just multiply it by 100 and let it linger for a couple hundred years and then
come back and ask some black people why they don't wanna be bothered with your
kind. Its not ignorant, because the knowledge of the past is still relevant. The
Germans will suffer the stain of the Nazis for all eternity, the white race will
suffer the stain of slavery/Jim Crow so long as U.S. of America is here."

"Why do some white people think that blacks are mad about slavery, when its
actually the decades of social injustice, hidden racism, widespread stereotypes,
and cultural insensitivity shown toward them and their families that is still
prevalent today?"

Says the great great grandchildren of the owners and shareholders of the LLoyds
of London, Haliburton, and William- Morris Corporations who all made billions
off of the sweat of our ancestor's backs through free labor... Some people think
slavery ended and everyone just went on planting flowers singing hymns. The
effects of slavery carry on, but worse, the social and government actions that
were utilized to successfully implement slavery and oppression based on skin
color still linger on and will have to be fought at every turn in order to

well the Jews do the same thing. They keep talking about the holocaust like it
happened yesterday. So until that conversation ends we can keep talking about

So what do you think? Does this guy have a valid point in your opinion? Do we need to "get over it" since we did not experience it ("it" being slavery) firsthand? Is he just ignorant? Or is it covert racism? Speak on it!


Hard Work said...

I think it's one thing to talk about "slavery" and quite another to talk about "social injustice..." I personally have no problem with white people but I do have a problem with the way things are dealt with... it's no secret that Blacks and Latinos are constantly treated differently in all facets of life than whites and until it changes, I can completely understand any Black person's unwillingness to deal with white people...

Saying we should get over it is like saying we should get over being born into a world that looks down and fears black people...

Tori D. said...

True. I think that a lot of times white people don't realize that although we today have not experienced slavery, we have experienced racism, prejudice & discrimination. All carry-overs from slavery. Add to that the sense of entitlement that a lot of whites (at least, the ones I've encountered) seem to have & to me it's no wonder that a lot of black people still have issues with them.