Monday, February 23, 2009

So I looked at the 4-day diet...

Last Monday while off work, momma & I went to the bookstore, so I figured I'd look at the 4 Day Diet book to see exactly what it was talking about. Now that I did... I dunno if I can do it! :(

The setup was clarified for me (its the "4 day diet" because each module is to be done for four days). But the detox module (the very first one) has me like, "Ummmm, I dunno." There is no meat the first four days. None! Instead, you can only have fruit (I could do that), leafy green veggies (well I could have my raw spinach.... not sure what else), a salad as long as it had no meat, eggs, and (I think) salad dressing (which means all I'd have is lettuce and carrots T_T), and beans or legumes (I don't do beans, save blanched green beans). On top of this extremely restricted diet, the portions that are allowed are tiny. Don't they know I'll pass out eating so little?! (Okay, I've never actually passed out from not eating, but dammit it felt like I would. That's my story & I'm sticking to it.)

I did not get the book. I said I would look around some more to see what fits me best. Momma suggested once again that instead of doing one of these "name brand" diets, I should just focus on eating smaller portions and watching what I eat. I've tried that a couple of times, but I usually fall off after a couple of weeks.

I've got to make a decision soon. May 16 is quickly approaching.

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