Monday, February 16, 2009

I Heart Pretty Undies! (or, "Why the BAPP hate big girls?")

I have a question, a question that has plagued me for years.

Why, why, WHY do the Bra and Panty People (BAPP) think big girls only want plain underwear? Why are my main options black, white or "nude"? (I won't even go into the fact that nothing on my nude body is even close to that ugly beige crap.) Why is it that I have to pay out the ass to cover my ass in something cute? It ain't right I tell ya!

Fortunately I've been able to stock up on Cacique stuff at Lane Bryant. I love hitting up those 5 for $25 panties and bogo 1/2 off bras. (Found some cayute lil Valentine-y panties today for the low! ^_^) It's the best.
But I always see sooo much cute stuff at Victoria's Secret that I know the girls would look great in, if only they made them bigger! But alas, Vickie tries to relegate me to those less-than-sexy black, white, "nude" options. Bleh.
I've heard that Frederick's of Hollywood is great, but there's no store within 100 miles of Jackson. I could order offline, but I dunno bout that... I wanna see stuff like that up close before buying. Besides, I've found out that although Cacique says I'm a 44DD, that's not necessarily the case with other brands. So... meh.

My point is, the BAPP is in a conspiracy against me. But I will not be defeated! I will have sexy separates, dammit! Viva la fat girl!

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