Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Cushion for (more?) Pushin'

Okay so this is an old article, but I was thinking about the conversation that ensued on a message board I'm on. The opinion of a lot of people seems to be that the reason this study finds that big girls have a lot of sex is because of low self-esteem. Basically, they theorized that a fat girl would be so flattered and overwhelmed that someone would pay her lowly butt any attention (because who actually likes fat girls like that?) that she would thank them the only way she knew how: by dropping the draws. (In case you can't tell, this is full of sarcasm). It was also mentioned that if a guy wanted a "guaranteed fuck" that he would approach the big girl out of a group of women.


As a big girl with a lotta self esteem who's had a lot of sex (ssshhh! don't tell anybody lol), I was pissed. I'm the type of person who sees what she wants and goes after it. (Well actually, I don't have to go after it; it comes to me.) Because I'm not some petite little thing that means I must not love myself?

Please, spare me that BS.

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