Sunday, April 11, 2010

Priority Shift

When did it happen for you?
When did your focus shift to what you were meant to do and how to go about doing it?
When did you realize that it was truly "now or never," that if there was ever a time to walk in your destiny, this was it?

For me, it was this past week, when I actually took my first steps towards my career. I've finally taken my real estate exam and I'm now a Realtor and sales agent with the agency that was #1 on my list. Since Tuesday when the broker shook my hand and said "Welcome aboard," I've come to realize even more than before that this is definitely an investment. This isn't just something for me to jump into. And why should it be? This is my dream, something I've been wanting to do for the longest. And although "the best things in life are free," nothing worth having comes easily.

Now my time, energy, focus, and yes my money are going to something meaningful, not just the frivolous things I wasted them on before. It's like I've suddenly been hit with the fact that I really have to "grow up" as far as my work ethic, my spending, etc. Not to say that I've been immature before now (not always, anyway). But realizing that what I'll get from this is 98% dependent on what I put into it, that kinda changes my perspective. And what's crazy is that I'm sooo lazy, like the ultimate couch potato. I love just lounging around doing nothing until I get bored and have to go shopping... or eating. But when it comes to work, to grinding and getting mine, I have no problem doing just that because I know nothing is just gonna fall in my lap. And now that I have this extra push, this career where I determine my own success? I'm in beast mode; unstoppable.

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