Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Get Out of My Head!!

For the past five, count them- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 -nights in a row, an ex has bum-rushed his way into my dreams. I don't know why; it's not like I've spent any waking time thinking about him (except to question why he was in my dreams the night before). It's pissing me off because he's progressively becoming active in the dreams. The first night he was just there as part of the crowd. Last night he was in my room brushing & smelling my hair (which was back to it's former long & silky state). Why won't dream me just run over dream-ex with a car or something?! I wonder what it's supposed to mean, or whether it means anything at all. Whenever I look up symbols to try to interpret the dreams, I don't find anything really helpful. They all say that something or someone is currently making me feel like I did during that relationship & that it may be a warning not to fall into old patterns. Well I've got nothing for that, considering that I'm not feeling anything like I was then. So what's the deal? I know some of y'all are into interpreting dreams & whatnot... Got any ideas? Gotta figure out something to keep him from barging in on my subconscious!


Anonymous said...

That might be a sign or warning for your current relationship. If you see any similarities from your past relationship in your current one then you might want to think about what you read when you looked up your dream. If that does not work, God always has your answer. :)

Tori D. said...

I'm not seeing any similarities between the two relationships. I am trying to keep my eyes open for them while walking that fine line of paranoia :) But right now I'm happy & confident about where this relationship is/is going. Definitely looking to God for clarity.

Thanks for the comment Anon!

Anonymous said...

You are welcome. Ask God to reveal things to you about your dream and your current relationship. I've recently done that and I think he is giving me my answer. Even though I believe he was giving me signs all along. LOL
I've been having dreams about an old "fling" lately and i'm in a relationship. lol...Don't know what the dreams mean.