Monday, May 4, 2009

A Mile in My Shoes... And Her Shoes, Too

This is a re-post of a note I wrote on Facebook. It's concerning a project that I am getting underway. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on the idea and some folks seem to be as excited as I am about it! But of course I could always use more. More details on this coming very soon!

Anyone that knows me knows there are two things I will spend my last dollar on: books and shoes. Well now I want to combine my love of the two by producing a book about the wonderful world of shoes. *grin* But I need your help!

In order to make this a success, I am asking for contributions from my friends and yall's friends too! Submit pix of your favorite shoes, shoes you would buy if you could afford them, quotes about shoes, a short paragraph on what makes a hot shoe in your opinion, ANYTHING shoe related! Heels, flip flops, ballet slippers, cleats, whatever YOUR style is, share it!

Please note: I could not tag everyone, but your contribution is welcome as well! AND guys, you can get your girlfriend/wife/sister/mother/aunt/grandma involved too! I want to include a wide spectrum of women in this book, so age and race are not important.

I will be posting some guidelines and suggestions soon.

First I wanted to get a general idea of who would be interested in participating in this project. I'm also open to suggestions, as this is my first time undergoing something like this. Thanks in advance to everyone who will make this publication a success!!

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