Friday, August 27, 2010

Late Night Randomness

Instead of being out somewhere, having a life, I am at home working on a paper for Monday. In case you are wondering: YES my professor assigned a paper on Day One. On top of that, my professor that teaches my Thursday night class has the thickest accent ever. And did I mention that is an advanced business math class? *le sigh* It's gonna be a long semester. Surprisingly though, I feel pretty good about it. I just know I'm gonna have to put in work. But I'm taking a break for a second because I have too much randomness floating around in my head.

The shirt & I, when we both loved each other a little more...
Today I committed a crime against big girl fashion. I wore a shirt that was really too snug. It was from my New York & Company phase, which truthfully was about two sizes ago. But in my defense, my boobs look GREAT in that top, and with the pants I had on, it gave the illusion of having a nice lil booty back there. However, it was not flattering to the tummy :( I vow to give it away, along with a few other tops and skirts from the NY&Co. era... To my fellow big girls (or at least, the ones to have their stuff together appearance-wise), I apologize. I'll be on my A game from now on except for when I just really don't care!

If I have a girl, I'm not gonna have everything decorated in pink.
I like the color and all, but ever since I heard one of the supposed reasons behind why blue is for boys & pink is for girls, I've been kinda turned off from the idea. There are many explanations and speculations about how this tradition came about. The one I heard was that in ancient Greece, the color blue represented the gods. Since it was assumed that the boys would grow to be great men and warriors, parents wrapped them in blue to incur the favor of the gods. On the other hand, girls were seen as inferior. So they were wrapped in pink rags--clothing that was once red and worn by the elite. Once they faded pink, the clothes, like the girls they swaddled, were deemed worthless.
Now, being somewhat of a feminista (I like that term better than feminist; it's.... softer, not as off-putting) this just doesn't sit well with me. Even though no one chooses these colors now for that reason--and who even knows if that is the reason--I still don't like it. So if you buy little Naomi Elaine something, try to find something blue. Or purple. She'll definitely like purple. ^_^

I wonder if there is some kind of karma repair. I mean, you can get your credit cleaned up no matter how slaw it is. The Universe must have something like that for karma... I think I need it. My actions from my first serious relationship are still biting me in the butt. Not fair, but I did mess up pretty bad. But the same thing has happened so much that I think I may have done some kinda permanent damage. I want to talk to a priest at the new Hindu temple in Brandon about it, but I'm sure he or she would laugh me out of the building...

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