Saturday, August 14, 2010

Double Standards

There are certain double standards that people might as well get used to. It would take a MAJOR paradigm shift for them to change.

A promiscuous woman will pretty much always be seen as a whore; a promiscuous man is seen (by most people) as just doing what a man does.

If a woman messes around with other women for a period of time she can claim she was "experimenting" or "curious," and a lot of people will accept that. If a man messes with another man even once, he will forever be labeled "gay" by some people.

White people should not ever use the word nigger/nigga/nig/othervariationhere, even though they may hear Black people use it.

*shrugs* That's pretty much the way it is. Which is why I can't understand why most some whites feel they should be able to use it. Latest case in point: Dr. Laura.


Damn. Why y'all got to be so sensitive? We have a black president now. Don't you know that because of Obama the N-word isn't bad anymore?
I mean, why would the N-word, something that was used for hundreds of years to belittle and dehumanize black people, be BAD now? Yet when fancy entertainment-based black on the HBO people use the word it's all "look at how hip and edgy I am." Why can't Dr. Laura be hip and edgy when she uses it too? It's almost like black people use the word as a way to take the power back from it being hurtful and twist into some ironic parody. God. THAT IS SO CONFUSING to Dr. Laura. It's like when Dr. Laura watches "GoodFellas" she wonders why the Italians and Irish mobsters can call each other WOPs, micks and guineas, but if she did the same they would shoot her. Or how gays will adopt the words queer and fag. What's up with that? Those are Dr. Laura's words! You can't just take them and switch 'em up for your own use! It's almost like different cultures appropriate words created to hurt them, then fling them around as a humorous commentary on society's prejudices. That's sooo not fair.

 If you missed her nigger-filled exchange (with a black woman who called in for advice on how to handle racially insensitive comments from her white husband's family/friends) you can listen & read a partial transcript here.

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