Monday, July 5, 2010

Things My Future Husband Should Know: The Davis Clan

I started this back in April... SMH @ myself! So I just decided to post what I have. Lazy, I know!

Although I'm an only child, please don't think you got off easy, Future Hubby. There may not be any big brothers to grill you or sisters to give me their nitty-gritty opinion of you, but I have a wonderful substitute: a whole gang of cousins, aunts and uncles known as The Davis Clan. To help you out, here are a few tips to help you get your mind right.

1. We don't do drama...
Without a doubt I can say that I don't know another family like the David Clan. I hear about some of the drama that goes on with other families (stealing money, taking each other's men, fighting over BS, etc.)... WOW is all I can say! I'm so thankful that we don't have to deal with that. This is the most laid back, loving example of family I've seen, in real life and otherwise. I can't think of one person in this family who wouldn't do for me if it's within their power, and not one that I wouldn't do the same for. When they (whoever "they" are) came up with the term "close knit family," they were talking about us. We'd much rather eat, drink and laugh together than argue. If you're not used to that, it should be a welcomed change. But if you can't get with that, you're gonna have some problems, real talk.

2. but we will handle whatever pops off
Don't let the lovey-dovey "we are family" vibe fool you! If some drama pops off we can and will deal with it. All it takes is a word. Please don't be the situation that has to be taken care of!

3. You may occasionally get left behind for the fam
We're a pretty close knit family, and when we're together we're inseparable for the most part. If you can't (or don't want to *serious side-eye*) hang, then hey, I won't stop you from going home or whatever. But please don't think that's gonna stop me from enjoying my time with my folks.When I'm with you, it's me and you; when I'm with the fam, it's us. All of us.

4. Be honest...
...because we will be.The family doesn't pull punches. We can do it tactfully or brutally, but the truth will be told.

5. Be ready to pop the hood!
There must be something in that Davis blood, because we are all about cars! Even the young ones have it in them. So if you come around the fam, especially the uncles and certain cousins, you're gonna have to pop the hood. It's what they do and what you'll do, no ifs, ands, or buts! LOL And you've gotta have a need for speed. I'm a lil bit of a speed demon anyway, so a slow, cautious driver gets nowhere with me. But if you're trying to keep up with us, you gotta push it; speed limits be damned! (Oh yeah, if you're into sports cars, that's a big plus... with them and me.)

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