Monday, June 28, 2010

Today's randomness: "Smile!"

"Smile! It's not that bad! It'll be okay!"

I hate when people say that.
IMO, this is such an insensitive comment. It brings about so many questions/comments.

1. am I supposed to walk around grinning at nothing in particular? There are people who do that. Lunatics.
2. Who are you, that I should bestow my beautiful smile upon you? Just because you're some guy telling me to smile, I'm supposed to oblige you?
3. You don't know how bad "that bad" is. Downplaying whatever it is that's keeping me from smiling is not the way to cheer me up. If you were really concerned, you'd say "You look down? You okay?" Of course I'd say I was fine (cuz why the hell would I open up to a random stranger?) but that's way better than the "get over it" crap you're giving me.
4. If that's your attempt to holla, you should stop. It's lame.
5. I don't wanna. Now leave me be.

Of course, I don't say any of these things. Think them, and some other unnecessarily mean comments, but never say them. Instead I just flash a brief, fake smile. Because that's what nice girls do, isn't it?

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karma-dancingwithshadows said...

You are soooo right on this. When someone tells me that, depending on my mood, I might say 'well I can't tell how I look to you", but most times, I do the fake paste smile just to save a convo. One day I had just drove from Birmingham back to Atlanta after burying my best friend and it was a long day, I was alone, distraught and realized, very hungry. I walked into a restaurant,and sidled up to the bar to order dine-out and while sitting there, some guy wants to come and entertain me with some damn toothpick game. I was NOT in the mood...didn't really want to deal with anyone, so I was short with my response. Finally, my food arrived and as I was leaving, he hollered 'cheer up'. I did the fake smile in between swollen cheeks and blood shot eyes and muttered something incoherent under my breath and kept it moving. I really felt like telling him to go traffic.