Thursday, June 17, 2010

SBTS*: The Seattle Cop vs. The Seventeen Year Old

That's "Shouldna Been Talkin' Shyt." Thanks O Hell Nawl.

You can find the article here but to make a long story short: A cop stops a group of young women for jaywalking. Two of the girls get belligerent and put their hands on the cop. The guy tries to restrain one of the girls and when the other walked up on him and... well you saw it. Now people are claiming excessive force and police brutality. Some are pulling out the race card and some think he was wrong to that so-often-twisted adage "A man should NEVER hit a woman."

These people strike me as the same who would blame a teacher for their child slacking off or "the man" for holding them down while not even attempting to look for a job. At some point personal responsibility and common sense have to come into play!

Maybe they have had bad prior experiences with the police, so I understand hostility. I'm no fan of the police myself. However, I know that if I'm stopped, respect and saying the right thing in the right way go far. Because not every officer is evil, there's no reason to be that combative off the bat. Especially not for no damn jaywalking. (C'mon, jaywalking son? When the most you would've gotten was maybe a $50 ticket?) And considering at that point he was the lone officer in a hostile, growing crowd, I'm of the opinion that he had to do something to maintain order & keep her from interfering with him handling the other young woman. Sometimes it pays to just shut up and not try to prove how bad you are...

But maybe I'm missing something... I'd love for those who think the cop was out of line to explain their thinking. Would it have been excessive if it were a man? Or if she were older? If it had been a female cop in the same situation, would the same actions be considered excessive? Would a method such as tasering be considered "less excessive"? If everyone in the situation were the same race, would it have blown up like it did? Someone speak on it!

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