Sunday, June 20, 2010

So this is what music has come to?

John Blu- "In Love With Yo Booty"

I was floored when I heard this song. The guy says "Don't turn around 'cuz 'm in love with your back, but if you gotta turn around I hope your face match" and then proceeds to say he's in love with some chick's ass over & over again. Really? So this is what's hot now, huh?

I'm not really a music snob so I don't think it's that (though I do long for a time where it took more than just a tight beat for a song to be considered a hit). I'm certainly not a prude so it can't be that. And I'm too young to be an old fogy who is just out of touch with what's in, right? Well hell, I'll be that if it means not co-signing bullshit like this.

Yanno, I was planning on talking about how today's music is a result of a cyclical problem stemming from society's shift in focus from education to entertainment as a means of making it. How this shift in focus actually harmed the quality of music due to, among other things, the lack of command over the English language (similes, metaphors, subject/verb agreements, etc.).

But... iCan't. Those who get it already get it. Those who don't (or who choose not to) will say I'm hating and continue shaking their asses to it.

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