Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's That Time Again...

It is March in Mississippi. The weather is doing that crazy hot/cold thing, but for the most part, its warming up. The first day of spring was yesterday (or is it today?) so as far as the temperature, it's all uphill from here.

This can only mean one thing.

The time has come for me to grapple with my warm weather frenimy: ICE CREAM.

Y'all just do not understand how deep my dysfunctional relationship with this creamy, cold, delicious, soothing, yummy.... *goes off into ice cream fantasy trance* What was I saying? Oh yeah, ice cream is the debbil. I could literally eat ice cream every single day, even in the winter. But when it's cold I can push it off in favor of something else, like hot chocolate or flavored lattes. But in the spring/summer/early fall.... it's ridiculous how strong my cravings are! But I will win the battle against ice cream. I'm not gonna be delusional and swear off ice cream. Besides, I already had a nice wonderful, ecstasy-laden cone of ice cream from Chick-Fil-A yesterday. But I will NOT give in to going to Baskin Robbins today. i refuse to go to Marble Slab tomorrow. i will not go to Sonic & get that junior candy sundae next week. I will capture that elusive beast called will power and I will make it mine!!! (Too dramatic? I think it was a little too dramatic, but it's there now so oh well)

Seriously though, I'm thinking, if I can limit myself to one moderate portion of ice cream every two weeks, I'm doing pretty good. By stronger people's standards that's still probably a lot, but until they make an ice cream patch, gum, or twelve-step program, it is what it is.

Oh yeah, if you're wondering why I haven't posted anything person for a while, it's because there really has been nothing to post. Absolutely no progress. Now I could say it's because I've been too busy to exercise, or stress has been getting to me, or that it was too hard or whatever. But you know what? I won't, because those would be excuses, and we all know what excuses are. So instead of me building monuments, I'll just say that I'm getting back on it and will do better.

Now to go pretend these pineapple chunks are a big bowl of Blue Bell.

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