Monday, March 2, 2009

It's the first of the month...

Okay, well technically it's the 2nd. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?! (had to get a Family Guy reference in here somewhere)

Anyway, for the latter part of February, I was on the hunt for a diet that would be suitable and realistic for me. I didn't find one. :( I saw several that would work if I had time to sit down and eat six meals a day, or if I could buy expensive organic foods and then plan out & cook an entire week's worth of food. But the reality is that sometimes I can only get my hands on one or two meals a day. Sometimes, I bag of chips is the only thing within reach to keep my stomach from snitching to the world that I haven't eaten since 5:00 pm the previous day. So what am I, a not quite financially able (read: broke) woman with an unpredictable schedule to do?

I figured I'd take mom's advice and not focus so much on "a diet" as opposed to focusing on what and how much I eat. I'll have to learn to say "not tonight" to my food lovers: bread, pasta, rice, potatoes *sob* and eat more of the crap I hate... Like I've mentioned previously, I've tried this before, but I usually fall off the wagon. But I should be able to do this at least for a month and a half right? (I know I should be thinking long term, but right now I'm just trying to lose my 30 lbs by my birthday.) and somewhere in the evening, I'll have to magically make some extra minutes appear and do some kind of exercise at home. I still have the challenge of finding something I can do in my cramped little room... I'll see if I can youtube some of those Crunchless Ab workout videos I've seen on the infomercials. If not, maybe I'll just start j-setting... LOL

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