Sunday, October 24, 2010

7 Deadly Sins Challenge: Day 7--Lust

Seven love secrets (I'm putting the PG-13 version here... and I dunno if I'd actually call these secrets. Just facts. The real "secrets" are elsewhere...)

1. For all of my relationships over the past three years, with the exception of the current one, the next guy was already "waiting in the wings." There's no #2 this time, so I'm not sure what that means.

2. I remember the names of everyone I've been with, all x of them... although I have to think hard sometimes to remember the name of one particular ONS.

3. I thought I was in love with my first. Maybe I was. To this day I still feel a little way about him. I call him Mr. Magic Voice because his singing is what got to me.

4. Once I'm done messing with a FB, I generally don't acknowledge their presence anymore. No hard feelings or anything, but when that one connection is over, what else is there to converse about?

5. My friends have always come to me for sexual advice. Even back in high school. I have no idea why... lol

6. I briefly considered becoming a phone sex operator, because everyone told me I had the voice for it. I gave that up once I realized that internet porn had stolen all of the thunder from phone sex. LOL

7. Although I have some "unconventional" interests when it comes to sex, I don't consider myself a freak. "Freak" means abnormal, and who gets to decide what's normal? And would the standard be what people say is normal, or what they normally do? The two don't always match up!

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