Saturday, October 23, 2010

7 Deadly Sins Challenge: Day 6--Gluttony

Seven guilty pleasures.

1. Shopping
I shop even when I know I shouldn't. It's not to the extreme where I'm going into debt or anything like that, but money is eeeextra tight at the end of the month because I've been shopping so much at the first of the month. BUT I shop after my bills are paid so... *shrugs*

2. Ice Cream
I am a fat girl. A fat girl who likes ice cream. If you have it, I will eat it. Again, *shrug*

3. TV
I could sit and watch Desperate Housewives, SVU, The Gates, House, and Psych all day long. And HGTV, History Channel and Food Network? Pppsssshhhh... If I didn't work, I'd be a straight up couch potato.

4. Books
I'm a bibliophile who has trouble letting go. There are books piled up everywhere in my room and my old room/office/guest room. Some of them I haven't read in forever but I still have them. Maybe getting a Kindle or an iPad will help me out with that... IDK.

5. Shoes
Can shoes be placed in a separate category than shopping? I believe so. My closet is overrun with shoes, PLUS I have the little Shoe Under thingy (shoe organizer than goes under the bed). I usually end up giving shoes away every couple of months and it's still always plenty. Funny thing is though, I never seem to have shoes to go with the outfits I plan, so I have to buy more. See? It's necessity!

6. Punishment
Ummm, I don't think I wanna go into details here. LOL

7. Makeup
It's the craziest thing: I rarely wear makeup, but I have a whole warehouse in my room! I'm especially guilty of this with eye shadow. I have so many different palettes it's insane, but wear eyeshadow maybe once a week. Maybe. At least I put the many shades and brands of lipstick to good use. So that's not too bad... right?

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