Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Fat Chick's Wake-Up Call

Anyone who knows me, has followed this blog for a while, or has seen a picture of me knows that I'm not exactly a dainty little thing. My weight has always been a struggle, even since I was a very young child. Of course I've tried to lose weight on many different occasions, mainly to be able to buy cute little trendy clothes and to try new positions like the stand and carry. But then I find a few big girl pieces and get it in the good ol' fashioned way, and I'm prone to slide into a state of "Meh."

But ummm, I think I'm gonna change that.

My cousin was recently hospitalized and placed in intensive care. The reason? Diabetes. Her blood sugar was crazy high and the doctors could not get it down. They held her almost a week before finally getting it under control. Now, there are some things I'm sure you assumed. She's a black female, and yes she does love soul food. She's in Mississippi, the fattest state in America. One thing I don't think you'd readily assume though: she's in elementary school. I was in shock when I found out about it. She & my Big Momma (her great great grandmother) are both having to check their blood sugar, watch what they eat, take medication... It's crazy.

Sooo yeah. I've got to get up and get active again and start monitoring what I eat even closer. Forget trying to be skinny, that's unrealistic for me. But damn if I let myself be unhealthy. My mouth may get me in trouble a lot of ways, but what I eat won't be it.

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