Monday, May 31, 2010

Cut & Dry

Black or white.
Right or wrong.
Liberal or conservative.
Gay or straight.
Christian or Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist or.... not.

Is life really so cut & dry? This is something that I've been wrestling with lately. From what I've observed in my little time in this place, we have a tendency to want to categorize and label everything. We feel they should fit in neat little boxes so that we can easily identify them. Why? I think it stems from fear of the unknown. We hate things that are ambiguous, but every day I live I realize that my beliefs and issues and personality isn't one of "this or that." Maybe that's why I feel like I'm battling myself sometimes, like there's a conflict within. Sometimes I think those who live in ignorance and don't have the desire to probe & question things have it made. I think I'd rather accept things as they are and coast through life. But that's not my nature. I was meant to do more.

Excuse me. Just a little late night rambling...

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