Friday, November 20, 2009

Tori D.'s Must-See Movie List

Yes, I am being lame by sitting in the house on a Friday night when everyone else is out and about. But I won't be a homebody forever! Over the next few months, I'm gonna be a movie-going fool! Let me let you in on my must-see list:

Fine men (seriously, how is the whole cast fine?!). Weapons. Crime. This has Tori D. written all over it! I'm hoping T.I.'s performance isn't as stiff as it appears in the preview, but even if it is I feel that the actual actors will make this movie great. Preview only says "coming soon" but I do know it's set for 2010.

Saw this preview when I went to see 2012. When it came on, the gentleman I was with and I both said "as good as seen!" Can't say I fully understand the premise, but I've seen enough to know that I wanna see more to know more. Denzel is scruffy-sexy. Meg, er, I mean Mila Kulis is kick-ass and cute (why is she not in more movies?). Due January 15, 2010.

A slight deviation from my normal movie preference, but it looks funny and action-packed. Win-win! Supposed to be out on Christmas. Great, I'll have something to do while I'm avoiding the holiday crap!

This movie just looks crazy! No words! The premise is pretty far-fetched, but I'm a sucker for action and the supernatural... Jan 22, 2010

More robbery! More action! (Anyone seeing a theme in my movie preferences? lol) And it's due in a few days (Dec 4)

Considering that I still think it would be supercool to be a hitwoman/assassin (don't judge me!) and the fact that I believe I may have been a Ninja in a past life, this movie is right up my ally. This is such a guy movie! I'm gonna have to grab bestie and make him go with me... LOL You can see this one on Thanksgiving

I'd go see it based off Leo & that accent alone! Psychological thrillers are (almost) always great. I feel like this one is gonna have a lotta twists. I'm excited! Feb 19, 2010


Into the Eye of the Storm said...

i second ALL of these ma'am:)

Tori D. said...

I'm weirdly geeked up about these! The last couple of movies I've seen (with the exception of 2012) were kinda blah. Hopefully these won't let me down!

Britton said...

Definitely can't wait to see TAKERS!

Tori D. said...

I can't either! I'm a sucker for a movie about a heist!