Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Have (Officially) Returned!

I know I've made several posts since I announced my hiatus, but since I never truly said "I'm back"... I'm BACK! So what Have I been up to while I took my little departure? Well...

  • I've started working on a manifesto. Things seem so much more concrete to me when I put it into writing. I figured, why not do that with my declaration of who I am, what my goals are and my personal affirmations/philosophy. It's a work in progress and I'm sure it'll never actually be "finished." Rather, I'm sure it will be a "living document" and I'm interested myself to see how it will evolve.

  • I have finally started my real estate course. Within about a month I'll be taking the test and on my way to helping people find a home! I'm excited!

  • I took a much needed trip to see someone special. It made me realize that due to my impatience I made a mistake before, but I'm glad to know that his statement to me ("I'm a patient man, if you hadn't noticed") held true. I completely enjoyed myself, and his fam. But I am trying not to get ahead of myself. It's hard. I fall very fast.

  • I've been doing a ton of writing. Some of it is just personal stuff, but a lot of it is poetry. Now I'm sifting through old and new pieces to decide what will make it into the book (that I may or may not try to publish).
  • Been dealing with a lot of changes on the job. Some good, some not so good. Biggest part is that I got a promotion. I finally have some actual duties and responsibilities. It's crazy because instead of actually training, I'm having to learn as I go. Definitely a challenge, but I'm up for it! So I guess that means I'll probably be staying where I am until the end of next year (unless something too good to pass up comes along). Then after that I'm setting my sights east...
That's it as far as Tori D is concerned! I'm ready to get back into blogging (a little more seriously than before) and have some changes that I want to make pretty soon. Once this semester is over and I have a little more time, I will definitely be putting those changes into effect.
As of right now, it's getting late and difficult for me to form actual sentences, so I guess that's my cue to end it. Buona notte!

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