Thursday, November 5, 2009

"I'm Twisted"

a poem i wrote several weeks back. i wasn't sure about posting it then, but i'm in a sharing mood... LOL really i wouldn't mind getting feedback; i'm about to start focusing on my writing (poetry/music/short stories) again. here's one of my latest finished pieces.

I'm twisted.
Your love is wonderful and delicious
And I miss it,
But I need something different.
I need something instant;
Right now love
Or a right now fuck,
I need something now!
But you're not around...
You're a thousand miles away
And I'm alone in this little town
And I feel bad for wanting it,
Even thinking it.
I feel like I shouldn't be needing it like I do.
I really want you
But someone is here.
Someone is close.
Someone wants to stand as your substitute.
Now I know he's no you
But something deep inside is saying "Maybe he'll do..."
Damn, I feel bad again.
No, I don't want no other man,
I just want something instant.
'Cause I miss it.
I know, I know...
I'm twisted.

-Sept. 16, 2009


moxie_b said...

WOW *jaw drop*

*finger snaps* You should post more poems

Tori D. said...

Thank you. I'm going to post a few more pieces soon and as soon as I get all the copyright issues taken care of, I plan on putting out a little book of poetry. (Key word: "plan." lol)

Into the Eye of the Storm said...

loving it! This was me:)