Sunday, April 19, 2009

Things I Learned on My Recent Trip to ATL

  1. Atlanta is way too expensive for me to consider moving there. I see what my boy was saying: If you aren't making about 100 stacks, it will not be fun at all.
  2. If you're a woman traveling with majority of males, sometimes you will be outvoted; suck it up. Like seriously, is it really worth bitching the entire time you're at Hooters or complaining the entire trip because you don't like rap? This is not to say that you should just sit back & take everything or let guys walk over you, but sometimes closing your mouth will get you a lot more than acting like you have a stick up your butt.
  3. Free liquor makes everything better. Add free food (even if it isn't the greatest LOL) and everything is freakin awesome.
  4. A little bit of nerd is sexy; too much is annoying.
  5. I am not as ready for the big city as I thought. I don't do the whole train & bus thing well.
  6. Sometimes the best ideas are thwarted by small minds' lack of understanding. That does not mean that it wasn't worthy of being recognized.
  7. Just because a hotel is touted as 5-star (or 4, or however that goes) doesn't make it all that great. I can go to super 8 and get a microwave, mini-fridge and free wi-fi. WTF did I get from Westin??
  8. Guys will flirt with anything with a big booty, even if the face looks like it's been run over by an F150.
  9. Magic Johnson is a hell of a speaker and businessman.
  10. I never want to ride in a Ford Flex again. Ever.

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