Thursday, April 23, 2009

No One Said Being Beautiful Would Always Be Pretty!

You know what? I don't think guys really appreciate what we as women do keep up appearances. I was looking at my counter at all the creams, cleansers, gels, scrubs, oils, lotions, and concoctions lying around, and I thought, "Really? Is all this really necessary?" But, I guess it is. *shrug* Quick rundown of the goodies on my counter:
-a regular facial cleanser
-an exfoliating/blackhead fighting scrub
-a green tea "revitalizing" mask (shown in the pic)
-witch hazel
-acne fighting gel for unexpected breakouts
-fade cream for the little reminders left behind from those breakouts
-dilapatory cream
-cocoa butter & Vaseline (staples for any black household, no?)
-about three different kinds of lotion

And of course there's still an arsenal of hair and makeup supplies....

Not to say that I do this stuff for guys to notice or for the approval of others. (Hey, the only one whose opinion truly counts is almost 1000 miles away.) And I don't do the makeup thing everyday, because it's way too time consuming. However, I love the feeling of pampering myself and walking out of the house in Glamazon mode.

Moral of the story: Well... there really is no moral to this story; I really just wanted an excuse to post the picture LOL But remember: It takes work to be this beautiful! And no one said it would always be pretty.

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