Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pandemic: The Adult Temper Tantrum

Wasn't cute then...
There is a disturbing trend in our society that has exploded within the last few years. More and more, people are flying off the handle about things, whether they be as insignificant as a .50 price hike on their favorite food at Taco Bell or as major as losing a job. And of course you can't forget the celebrity hissy fits, of which Charlie Sheen and Chris Brown are currently leading the way. Every other day there is a new story or video of someone freaking out and destroying property, assaulting others, or just making an ass of themselves by running their mouths and making threats. Meltdowns are mainstream thanks to camera phones and the web, and there appears to be some unspoken contest to see who can spaz out the best... or worst.

I will admit, I wish adults were given a pass to throw a temper tantrum once or twice a year. A full out, on the floor, kicking screaming yelling crying fit! (In fact, I would've used mine last night after realizing that I may have to delay getting my own place even longer than I thought... Another post for another time.) After all, life is stressful and always bottling those frustrations gets to be a bit much. Nowadays everyone is under pressure: the haves & have nots; the educated & the ignorant. People need an outlet for their frustrations, which is understandable. But is there ever anything that justifies going ape sh*t over a burger? (Literally, this chick and her friends look and act like monkeys in this video.)

...not cute now
Have people always been this crazy but we just looked away instead of gazing in amusement? Couldn't be; I would've seen some of this live and in person a couple times in my twenty-something years if that was so. Instead I think what we're seeing is a combination of things. One is the culmination of what happens when children are raised with the idea that they are entitled to what they want when they want it. I've seen kids fall out in the store and instead of getting a butt whooping, they get whatever toy or candy they wanted. Ummmm no ma'am, no sir. That wasn't going down in my parents' house. Although I hated it at the time, it taught me that I couldn't always get my way. Now that I'm an adult I can accept that and resist the urge to flip tables. But if you never get that lesson when you're young, how do you handle all the NOs life throws at you when you're older?

Second is the acceptance of bad behavior. It's on our televisions all the time. Celebs acting out in real life. "Reality" shows highlighting fights, drama, and behavior that would normally be considered unacceptable in society. When this is what you take in, you're bound to become desensitized to it (it no longer shocks you) and/or feel that it is okay to do. As the preacher said Sunday, "What we laugh at today, we accept tomorrow." Someone throws a chair on TV in a fit of anger? Well hell, I can throw one when I'm pissed too! (Slightly off topic: I wonder if this is why most of the McDonald's now have chairs bolted to the floor? Guess there were one too many "I said no pickles heffa!" *chair into the register*)

It would be wonderful if adults could remember their roles as such and follow the rules of polite society... at least in public! But I fear that as time and technology progresses, the world will be privy to even worse actions and attitudes. However, I do have one request. If for some reason I forget myself (and this post) and have a public temper tantrum of my own, please don't record it and post it online.

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